Who We Are

BLAC is an African Thriving initiative of the African American Thriving Initiatives and the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, and is endorsed by the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies. BLAC has been further sponsored by the Black Studies Collaboratory, the Black Recruitment and Retention Center, the Big C Fund, and the Office of the Chancellor.

Our Team is composed of a graduate student researchers, undergraduate students, and a steering committee. 

Meet our Graduate Student Researchers

Our Graduate Student Researchers mentor undergraduate students, manage BLAC projects, and overall, make the work BLAC does possible!

Meet Our URAP Team Members

Undergraduates participate in BLAC through the Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program(link is external) (URAP). URAP students conduct archival research, develop special projects, and create content for BLAC. 

Meet Our Steering Committee

The steering committee oversees the development of the initiative and supports student researchers with critical access to institutional and community resources.