Bella Volz-Broughton

Job title: 
Undergraduate Research Apprentice

Bella Volz-Broughton (They/She) is a third-year undergrad studying African American studies. They are passionate about Black liberation and equitable education within the confines of American institutions. Their personal research focuses on uncovering the untold histories of UC Berkeley and how it relates to Blackness. Especially in regards to People’s Park and social activism on campus. They intend to open a holistic learning center which serves Black Youth rooted in a Black Feminist Epistemological framework. 

Research interests: 

Bella is currently an undergraduate apprentice and focuses on curating a List of Black Organizations at Cal, to actively archive the work being done by the various Black orgs. BLAC provides a space for them to learn more about the legacy of Black folks at Cal and how important this history is for the generations to come. As well as, hold space for the Black organizations on campus to be in space together and collaborate.