Jillian Rousseau

Job title: 
Undergraduate Research Apprentice

Jillian Rousseau (she/her) is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Sociology. She is passionate about providing a voice and space for underrepresented students including BIPOC, low-income and first-generation students within higher education like Berkeley. With her passion for Sociology she hopes to get into research to reveal the inequities marginalized people are facing or become a human rights lawyer and advocate for liberation and equity for marginalized communities. As an undergraduate research apprentice for BLAC she focuses on content creation by sharing the enriching Black history we have on our campus. Additionally, Jillian assists the BLAC team with research by revealing the historical and present experiences of Black students at Berkeley. With BLAC she is passionate about learning and providing history of Black people inside and outside of Cal to honor and celebrate their legacy.